When should you use Massage Therapy

Massage, You Deserve It !!

When should you use Massage Therapy

In all history, humans have used the art of massage as a way towards greater relaxation and health. Foundations of these cultures were started by civilization including Rome, medieval China, Japan, India, Greece, and even ancient Egypt, all practiced various forms of massage. Besides, many civilizations that have not usually been considered “civilized” have used massage in many different applications.

Today, the benefits of massage and massage therapy are well known and have been documented in peer-reviewed medical research. This means that the best minds in the medical field endorse massage and massage therapy in several different situations.

Few of the reasons why anyone should have massage therapy or at least experience the massage once.

An Injury:

For most of us, massage therapy is a key component to recovery after sustaining an injury. Whether the injury in question was a muscle catch or an injured bone, increasing the level of massage for the process of healing can greatly aid the injury.

Pain Relief:

Many people suffer from chronic pains, although those pains do not occur due to a past injury. The pains may be in the form of migraine headaches or joint inflammation, incurred through age or environment.

In these cases, the pressure applied through different types of massage can greatly ease the amount of suffering a person is feeling. Massage appears to both dull the intensity of pain during treatment and reduces the level of pain when it re-occurs. Sometimes, massage therapy can get rid of the Pain altogether.

Stress Relief:

Perhaps the well-known massage applications are in reducing stress on the individual patient. Massage’s traditional application has been in the form of relaxation, allowing the stress of life to drift away amongst pressures placed on the physical form.

As stress is a factor in the everyday life of every human, stress reduction is the most widespread application of massage therapy. Massage has been proven not only to reduce stress but also to alleviate stress-induced symptoms on both the physical and mental levels.

Why Does Massage Therapy Work?

While the benefits of massage have been proven at almost every level that matters to science (the one exception being double-blind experiments, as one involving massage is impossible to design), the question of why massage works remains a mystery. Multiple theories exist that suggest why massages are effective in so many circumstances. It may activate increased blood flow, improve sleep, release endorphins, or any number of other potentially beneficial reactions within the body.

While the reason behind massage therapy’s effectiveness continues to evade science, the benefits themselves are undisputed. Massages are a key component to an overall healthy person, whether it is being used preventatively or for healing purposes.

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